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What’s going on with Super Robot Wars?

Seeing as this blog is named after a mech from Super Robot Wars series, its a little strange I’ve not made a post about any of the games yet, so lets get to it! We are coming to end 2011, … Continue reading

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‘Superhero2’ Artbook by Gainax and Friends

Carrying on from the previous post, this is the second artbook released by BLA, a group of artists from Gainax and people related to them. This edition was released a year later at Japan’s 79th Comiket Festival, which again took … Continue reading

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‘Superhero’ Artbook by Gainax and Friends

Here is an artbook I bought a while back drawn by various artists related to Gainax and their friends. Though writing this now, some have left Gainax, I wonder if using Gainax in the title is still applicable. Note this … Continue reading

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