What’s going on with Super Robot Wars?

Seeing as this blog is named after a mech from Super Robot Wars series, its a little strange I’ve not made a post about any of the games yet, so lets get to it! We are coming to end 2011, the 20th anniversary year for the SRW franchise. What have we been treated with this year and what are we expected to see next year?

The Heroes of SRW Alpha 3!

The Super Robot Wars series has had a very long life, spanning over the course of 20 years. Banpresto announced 2011 to be the 20th Anniversary of the franchise but due to the unfortunate events that happened in Japan earlier in the year, those plans got postponed and cancelled. They are now going to celebrate next year, which is also coincidently the 10th Anniversary of the OG Series of games.

Super Robot Wars Z2.1 Haikai-Hen

March 2011 brought us this amazing little gem of a game. Some people were a little bit hesitant because the Z franchise was going from PS2 to PSP and it was going to be split into two parts. None the less, Z2 went on to being a quite a fun instalment in the franchise. Z2 saw the debut of several shows which were previously thought to never appear in a SRW game. The likes of Votoms, Gurren Lagann and Dai Guard indeed changed that.  Others shows making their debut also included Gundam 00, Code Geass and Shin Mazinger. Also joining them were the likes of Macross Frontier, Dancouga Nova, Getter Robo Armageddon and pretty much every other show that appeared in the first SRWZ game.

For game releases, that was it sadly for 2011. We did get to see the second half of the SRW OG Inspectors anime, which all in all was a big treat for SRW OG fans. But 2012 has even more games along the way!

Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masoukishin II ~Revelation Of the Evil God~

This game announcement came out completely left field, nobody was expecting a sequel to the Lord of Elemental/Masoukishin game. It is due around the end of January 2012.

Excuse me while I clean my pants.

No one was expecting this because there is a bit of history. Around the turn of the millennium, Banpresto and Winkysoft split, the companies went their own ways. This was a bit of a problem because Winkysoft were the software developers for the SRW series and Banpresto were the publishers at the time. The Masoukishin characters had made appearances in SRW Alpha 1 and Alpha Gaiden, but for Alpha’s 2 and 3, the Masoukishin were never seen again. Banpresto tried to make their own Masoukishin game by rewriting the story and introducing new characters, but fans did not receive it well. Winkysoft also tried to create their own line of games with Rayblade, but that also never took off.

Back in 2009 when Banpresto made up with Winkysoft when they decided to remake the original Masoukishin game under the SRW OG Saga label, and now they have announced they are creating a sequel to that game for the PSP, with new sprites, attacks animations, voices and music. Those lucky enough to buy the Limited Edition will also get the DS game remade for the PSP with all the bells and whistles the 2nd game is getting.

The first Masoukishin is quite different in gameplay to other SRW games. You have fewer characters to deploy, there are elemental strengths and weaknesses to take into account, there are also elevation bonuses/disadvantages and positioning is also key, (attacking from the side or behind does more damage) Masoukishin 2 will include new characters, mechs, attacks, music and route splits! Masoukishin 2 is bound to be immense fun!

The 2nd Super Robot Wars OG

Finally after years of speculation Banpresto brings a SRW game to the PS3! Also known as SRW OG3 for those that have been waiting. As a big fan of the OG games, this announcement is something I’ve been waiting for ages. I have replayed SRW OG2 on the GBA many times, so to finally get a proper suquel is music to my ears.

You may be thinking “We already have an OG2 game! You just mentioned it!” Well the odd naming is down to Banpresto labelling the 2007 Ps2 remake of the OG games as the “1st” game of the OG series, this is now the 2nd one. OG Gaiden was a side story, so it is not counted as part of the naming scheme. Any way, Banpresto are finally bringing all their wonderful 2D sprite animation to a HD console. Watch this trailer and see all that magic oozing out.

The OG Series is all about Banpresto celebrating their love for all the character they have created over the years, characters from the SRW games as well as characters from other Banpresto franchises.

Almost every Banpresto Original, can you name them all?

For this game characters from SRW MX, SRW D, SRW Alpha 2, Real Robot Regiment and a side story manga called Lost Children will be making their debut and taking centre stage. The MX characters, Hugo and Aqua had already made cameos in OG Gaiden, but OG2nd will be where they play out their key storylines. The D characters will be appearing in a voiced game for the first time and they have gone with Nakamura Yuichi(Alto from Macross F/ Graham Aker from Gundam 00) to play Joshua while Kuwashima Houko(Yurika from Nadesico/Flay & Stellar). SRW Alpha 2 characters were already introduced in the previous games, but this time, key storylines from Alpha 2 will take focus. Real Robot Regiment was a spin off game Banpresto made early in the 00s. It was a 3D action using various anime mechs, original character Ariel Org will be appearing from that game here. I don’t know much about the Lost Children manga, but it is a side story about Machinery Children who escaped.

No release date has been set in stone for SRW OG2nd, the original date was September 2011, but that was dropped soon after the game was announced and was set to TBA. Putting my speculation hat on for a second, we can see that 2012 is the 10th anniversary year for the OG series, so we can bet it’s going to be release some time in 2012.

Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei-hen

This game is the planned sequel to 2.1, the existence of Saisen-hen or Z2.2 was made known when you completed 2.1 and you were treated with a preview to events that were going to take place in the second game. No release date for Z2 Saisei-hen has been announced yet. Whether it comes out before OG2nd or after, no one knows yet.

The next few games are not Super Robot Wars games, but they are being released by Banpresto and features lots of fun crossover antics.

Heroes Phantasia

The anime crossover game Heroes Phantasia looks to be a very exciting crossover of Slayers, Orphen, s.CRY.ed, Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso), Darker than Black, Read or Die, Rune Soldier, Blood+ and My-HiME

The gameplay seems reminiscent of Valkyrie Profile where each character is assigned to one of the four face buttons and you press them in your preferred order to pull off combos.

Banpresto are also resurrecting the Compatible Heroes series of games, if you don’t know what they are, basically take lots of characters from Kamen Rider, Ultraman and throw in some SD Gundam characters and have a series of RPG and Action games based around them. They were immensely popular in the 90s, but eventually lost popularity at the start of the millennium.

Lost Heroes

This game is slated for the 3DS and will be a dungeon crawling RPG with Kamen Rider, Ultraman and Gundam characters.

Great Battle Full Burst

Great Battle Full Burst features similar characters, but this is being released on the PSP and features side scrolling action instead.

As a treat to all those who order the limited edition, you will get Battle Dodgeball 3 as a bonus. Battle Dodgeball is yet another game in the Compachi Heroes series, this team featuring all your favourite characters playing dodgeball with one another!


Nendoroid Generation

This game is quite peculiar, but it’s going to feature Nendoroid proportioned characters from Haruhi, Nanoha, Fate Stay Night, Black Rock Shooter, Touhou, Steins Gate, Zero no Tsukaima and Dog Days. Warning: The following trailer contains high levels of cuteness, if you have heart condition, please watch carefully.

That about wraps everything up I believe! As a fan of crossover games, there are many things to look forward to next year, be it mechs, tokusatsu or moe there is a little bit for everyone. So which games are you looking forward to?

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