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Interview with Kunio Okawara from the Sankei Newspaper

I thought I’d translate a recent article that was published in the Japanese Sankei newspaper around the 08th of August 2015. This article interviews Kunio Okawara(大河原邦男) and also has Masami Obari giving his thoughts on the man. Okawara has been … Continue reading

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Gundam Build Fighters – What An Ameijin Show

It was Summer 2013 and Sunrise had just sprang the announcement that they were going to air a brand new Gundam show in the coming Fall. It was going to be about a group of kids playing with Gundam models … Continue reading

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A look at Gaiking LODM

Gaiking LODM is a curious show, it is listed on the Japanese Sakuga Wiki as an anime worth checking out for it’s animation, a ‘sakuga anime’ if you will. Yet as I watched the show I kept on thinking why … Continue reading

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Purging Armour in Mecha Anime

Today I thought I’d talk about something I really enjoy watching in a mecha show. Often when a robot revives a mid-season upgrade it may equip brand new armour/parts that are stronger or even more armour on top of what … Continue reading

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What’s going on with Super Robot Wars?

Seeing as this blog is named after a mech from Super Robot Wars series, its a little strange I’ve not made a post about any of the games yet, so lets get to it! We are coming to end 2011, … Continue reading

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Revisiting: Detonator Orgun

I recently rewatched episode 1 of Detonator Orgun, I haven’t watched this show in ages. I was original going to tweet about this, but I ended up writing way too much.

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