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Mini-Post: Atsushi Shigeta Rundown

Keeping up with yesterday’s resolution, here is another quick and short post. Today I’d like to talk about Atsushi Shigeta, an animator not many people may have heard of, but is quite a talented individual. He has worked primarily for … Continue reading

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Gundam Build Fighters – What An Ameijin Show

It was Summer 2013 and Sunrise had just sprang the announcement that they were going to air a brand new Gundam show in the coming Fall. It was going to be about a group of kids playing with Gundam models … Continue reading

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Purging Armour in Mecha Anime

Today I thought I’d talk about something I really enjoy watching in a mecha show. Often when a robot revives a mid-season upgrade it may equip brand new armour/parts that are stronger or even more armour on top of what … Continue reading

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