Gundam Build Fighters – What An Ameijin Show

Gundam_Build_FightersIt was Summer 2013 and Sunrise had just sprang the announcement that they were going to air a brand new Gundam show in the coming Fall. It was going to be about a group of kids playing with Gundam models in holographic battles. The face of most Gundam fans colony dropped. Sunrise had finally caved in and gone for the cheapest cash-in they could think of. Instead Gundam Build Fighters turned out to be a fantastic show made with genuine love, energy and passion. It was a complete love letter to everything Gundam, sent by Sunrise to Gundam fans not just in Japan, but to fans around the world. Follow the jump to read more!

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Interview with Masami Obari – Robot Soul Edition

IMG_0002Hello and welcome to another post. I know for a while people have been asking me for another Masami Obari post so I thought I’d write one about the interview from Obari’s 2013 Robot Soul artbook. It’s quite lengthy and goes over many interesting topics and subjects, from how he began in the anime industry to his thoughts on the usage of 3D animation techniques in modern anime. I’ve left the format as it is in the book so after each page there’ll be a pause and some footnotes.

Jump in after the break for the interview!

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A look at the ‘sakuga’ and animation of 2013


Little Witch Academia KA from Shūhei Handa

As we come to the end of 2013, it’s time to look back on the year. Here’s a post dedicated to looking at some of the exceptional 2D animation that came from Japan over 2013.

For those that are uninitiated, fans often use the word ‘sakuga’ to refer to moments where great looking animation shines through, be it on a TV show, movie or OVA.

Like last year I have gathered contributions from several sakuga fans. I gave them some criteria, a rough word limit and asked them for their thoughts, picking out any kind of highlights and personal favourites, on Japanese animation from 2013. Most of the categories are pretty self explanatory. With the intro done, let’s jump right in!

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Quick Summary: “Lets drink and talk about the appeal of Yoshinori Kanada!”

ss (2013-10-06 at 01.45.07)

L-R: Muroi, Okazaki, Kurita, Nakagawa, Oonuma and Kameda

Broadcast: 2013/10/06 – Ustream

So today there was Ustream event held where the main topic was the discussion Yoshinori Kanada. If you don’t know who he is check out this post on the man. The participants of the stream were Yoshimichi Kameda, Yasuo Muroi, Shinichi Kurita, Yuki Oonuma, Hideki Nakagawa and a lady simply called ‘Okazaki’.

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A look at Gaiking LODM

Gaiking LODM is a Gaiking LEGEND OF DAIKU-MARYU - 38 [TVN-Fixed][DVD].mkv_snapshot_02.26_[2013.06.24_22.49.20]curious show, it is listed on the Japanese Sakuga Wiki as an anime worth checking out for it’s animation, a ‘sakuga anime’ if you will. Yet as I watched the show I kept on thinking why it was considered as such. Much of the show is animated in a very simple and cheap manner, with constant use of corner cutting techniques you often find in low budget anime. That said there are certain moments and certain episodes in the show where the animation shines quite well and so I’d like to spend this post talking about some of them.

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Guest Post by Yuyucow: For an internet FREE of KyoAni myths

Grumpy OrekiSorry for the lack of updates lately, but as I think of something to write for the blog here’s a post from our internet neighbour Yuyucow who has once again decided to drop in to write a guest post. Today he will be sharing some of his insight discussing Kyoto Animation, commonly know as KyoAni, trying to clear up some of the unfortunate myths about them that have spread across the internet recently.

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A look at the ‘sakuga’ and animation of 2012

apollon044-bahiThis post is a look at anime 2012 from the perspective of the animation or ‘Sakuga’. There will no doubt be posts in the aniblogsphere that will take a look at the various ‘best’ shows, be it the best written, best music or a look at the voice actors but there are few if any that look at the animation.

I don’t have it in me to watch every single anime out there, I thought I’d ask a group of people what they thought of 2012 in terms of animation, that way we could cover a lot more content than a single person could. These people have kindly agreed to write a few words. I gave a few rough guidelines for topics to discuss, some have stuck to them while others have opted to discuss a singular topic in detail instead. Feel free to follow these guys on Twitter and on their blogs!
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Anime Secret Santa Review: Serial Experiments Lain


Here’s something different to what I usually blog about, I thought I’d take part in the Aniblog Secret Santa project organised by Reverse Thieves. Basically someone will chose three items, I pick one and review it. I was given Tokyo Godfathers, Last Exile and the show I ended up choosing Serial Experiments Lain. I’ll be honest and say I’m not very good at reviewing things in detail.  I think the reason I chose this show is simply because I didn’t want to review a movie and Last Exile was a little too long for my first attempt at an anime review.
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Guest Post by Yuyucow: Anime Sales Analysis Part 2

Today I present a post written by Yuyucow, who looks at the intricate world of Anime sales analysis, he has written before on this subject here, so make sure to check that out! You can also find him on Twitter

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A rundown of the studios at Production IG

Welcome to another post looking at the inner workings of an anime studio and how they operate. This time I’m going to be talking about Production IG. They are a fairly popular studio having worked on several popular anime works over the years the most iconic probably being the Ghost in the Shell franchise. Follow through for more info.

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